Fancy Items Scene Generator 设计师经典场景展示元素包

Fancy Items Scene Generator 设计师经典场景展示元素包
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I thought about the set, which will make designers life easier and better. Set which will be so versatile, that you can use just about anywhere. Set which will be the highest quality. Set that will helpful for me first of all. That’s why I’ve created Fancy Items Scene Generator.

-FREE sample:

-Quick video demo:


19 May 2015 Version 3 is here: HUGE UPDATE. New possibility. Now you can create dynamic scenes with it. 190+(!) new items added. 7 Premade scenes added. New awesome features. Too many to list, check screenshots.

Also added clipboard and candles as you ask in comments :)

15 March 2015 Version 2 is here: Now becomes MUCH MORE USEFUL. 39 new devices added. Now contains all types of screen devices (Apple devices, PC devices, Android devices, Old devices, Apple Watch and much more). And also 4 new pre made scenes added.

25 Feb 2015 Small Update: Shadow Converter. Simple and useful tool for converting shadows.

23 Feb 2015 Uploaded

Included Dynamic Items Scene Generator: (regular price: $24)

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«Fancy Items Scene Generator» awesome graphic pack. Contains 440+ items inspired by the works of the best industrial designers. Made for those who are tired of boring identical «Mockup Scene Generators», for those who want to really diversify own works.

All items created in a big resolution and excellent quality, that allows you to create really huge scenes, can be used for Retina big screens and for print projects. Check the resolution of every item on the list of objects before buy.

There are a lot of Mockups. Double click at smart object, paste your text (or logo, or design) and text will changed on item.

Very handy and easy to use. Every item was modeled, rendered and retouched. All items made in the in the same lightning setup, and rendered with a SuperTele camera for minimum perspective distortion (but it’s not orthogonal). The shadow is in separated layer.

Use it for Websites, Banners, Hero Images, Header Images, Facebook Covers, Presentations, Apps, Book Covers, Flyers, etc. There is no limitation where and how you can use it.

Bevelizator. Special Mockup that made your text beveled, for placing on the wall, it is made in the same scene lightning setup as all other items. Add fillet and shadow to your text. Your text will adapt for generated scenes and works great with items.

22 Pre made scenes included.

You will receive a lot of fun playing with it.

IMPORTANT: This file is over Creative Market file size limit (500 MB). The link to items and scenes is included in the PDF file.

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